About Me

Currently based in Vancouver, BC I’m working at Image Engine where we just delivered “Game of Thrones – Season 7” and “Logan”. As a Environment TD my role is to find the best technical workflows to create our environment shots while still keeping all our artistic freedom.

Prior to that I learned and studied Visual Effects between Scotland and France, and co-directed a student short-film named “MURPHY” which has been nominated at the 13th Visual Effects Society (VES) Awards and the Siggraph 2015’s Computer Animation Festival.

My passion for Visual Effects doesn’t stop at work, I’m also particularly involved in the VFX community through WikiFX, a website collecting thousands of VFX Breakdowns and lots of information about the VFX Industry. Over the last couple of years I also attended dozens of conferences/events around the world, most of the time as a media partner.

I’m never busy enough so feel free to drop me a line!