A Monster Calls

Feature Film

Synopsis: “A boy seeks the help of a tree monster to cope with his single mom's terminal illness.“

Started in July 2015
Ended in October 2015
Release in October 2016

Company: MPC
Director: J.A. Bayona
VFX Supervisor: Ferran Domenech
CG Supervisor: Stephanie Pocklington

Role: Environment TD

Tasks: Asset, Digital Matte Painting, Environment, Texturing

Softwares: Mari, Maya, NukeX, Photoshop, Renderman

Not long after the delivery of Fantastic Four during summer 2015, I’ve been asked to jump on “A Monster Calls” as a Generalist/Environment TD. The contrast was quite important since it was a small budget production but after reading the book that inspired the movie, I quickly embraced this adventure which will surely remains one of the project I’m the most proud of. It’s not every day that we have the chance to work on a movie with both a powerful storytelling and a beautiful photography, and directed by a director such as J.A. Bayona. It was also the opportunity for me to take more responsibilities as the main environment artist for the first few months of the show: I had to find the more efficient ways to build a couple of environments involving a mix of digital matte painting, 2.5D projection, 3D assets, 3D set extension rendered in Renderman RIS, clean plates, [..]. Cannot wait to see the final movie in theater later this year… Prepare yourself to cry!


A Monster Calls: The Art and Vision behind the film (Artbook)