Student Short-Film

Synopsis: “During the Second World War, an English paratrooper crash-lands in a forest leaving him wounded. He meets a creature that tries its best to help him. However, the ordeal is just beginning…“

Started in October 2013
Ended in July 2014
Release in September 2014

Company: Isart Digital

Role: Co-Director

Tasks: Compositing, Editing, Environment, Shooting

Softwares: Arnold, Golaem Crowd, Maya, NukeX, Photoshop, Speedtree

MURPHY is my final graduation short-film, done alongside 7 other students. The short-film has been nominated in several festival across the world and well received by the VFX Industry with nominations at the 13th Visual Effects Society (VES) Awards and at the Siggraph 2015’s Computer Animation Festival, as well as press articles in media/website such as Digital Production, AWN, 3DVF, io9, […].

I’ve been responsible for the following tasks:

PreProd: scenario, location research, filming permit
Live Action Shooting
Prod: Editing, Color Grading, Conformation, Workflow
PostProd: FullCG environments including forest and vegetation scatering (Maya | Arnold | SpeedTree), Crowd (Golaem), Digital Matte Painting and Compositing (NukeX)
Extra: Communication, Making-Of, PR, Festival/Awards Application


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